SIA “AUKCIONE” is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. Please look carefully at this privacy statement so that you know why and how we collect your data and how we will use it.

This privacy statement explains:

  • how we use your personal information;
  • what personal information we transfer to third parties;
  • how long we keep your personal information;
  • information about marketing statements;
  • your rights;
  • how we use cookies;
  • other relevant privacy information;
  • changes to how we protect your privacy;


This Chapter provides the following information:

  • categories of personal data that we process;
  • sources and specific categories of personal data that have not been received directly from you;
  • the purpose of processing your personal data;
  • legal basis for processing.

We are processing your account data (“account data”). Account details can include your name and e-mail address, phone number, and other data that you provide when you register, as well as your purchase history. This data is collected directly from you. We are processing account data to ensure the functioning of the home page to be able to provide our services, ensure the security of the site and services, and contact you. The legal basis for this processing is the performance of the mutual contract and/or the conclusion of the contract at your request, as well as our legitimate interests, namely the monitoring and improvement of our home page and services.

We can process the information you submit to sign up for our email and news (“messaging data”). The messaging data is processed to send you the relevant messages and news. The legal basis for this treatment is your consent. Similarly, if we have already sold you goods or provided services on our home page and you have no objections, we can process the messaging data based on our legitimate interests, namely to maintain and improve relations with customers.

We can process the information in relation to any statement you send to us (“correspondence data”). Correspondence data can include communication content and communication-related metadata. If the communication starts in the communication forms on our home page, the home page will generate metadata related to the correspondence. Correspondence data is processed to contact you and keep records. The legal basis for this processing is our legitimate interests, namely the correct management of our homepage and business, the provision of a common and high-quality consultation practice and the settlement of disagreements between you and our employees.

We can process your personal data, as stated in this communication, if it is necessary to comply with or defend legal requirements, regardless of whether they arise in judicial, administrative or other out-of-court procedures. The legal basis for this processing is the protection and enforcement of our legitimate interests, namely our legitimate rights, your legitimate rights and the legitimate rights of others.

In addition to the specific purposes for which we are entitled to process your personal data, as mentioned above, we are entitled to process your personal data also where such processing is necessary to ensure compliance with our legal obligation.

When you visit our website for the first time, we will ask you to confirm the use of cookies according to the terms of this communication.

If you have questions about how we protect your privacy, please contact us by email: [email protected]


Your personal data, which we process for any specific purpose or purpose, is not stored longer than is required for that purpose or purpose. In any case, they shall be stored for a maximum of:

  • account data will be stored for a maximum of 3 (three) years after the last sign-in to your account or your last purchase (whichever date is later).
  • transaction data will be stored for a maximum of 10 (ten) years after the end of service;
  • the leasing data will be stored for no longer than execution or cancellation of the order;
  • Messaging data will be stored for a maximum of 3 (three) years after the last sign-in to your account or your last purchase (depending on which date is later);
  • correspondence data will be stored for a maximum of 2 (two) years after the end of the communication.

Sometimes we cannot specify exactly how long we will keep your personal data. For example, access data will be stored for as long as it is required for special purposes.

Despite the other provisions of this section, we shall be entitled to store your personal data if necessary to comply with our legal obligations.

Sometimes we cannot specify exactly how long we will keep your personal data. For example, access data will be stored for as long as it is required for special purposes. We are entitled to keep your personal data if it is necessary to comply with our binding legal obligations.


Like other sites, we use cookies. Cookies are small data files that allow us to provide you with a faster and safer experience of using websites. When you visit or interact with our websites, service sections, apps, tools, or chat sites, we or our authorized service providers can use cookies to provide you with better, faster and safer websites and for promotional purposes.

As a general rule, cookies do not contain any information that could identify the user, but your personal information that is at our disposal may be related to information obtained or stored by cookies.

Three ways to manage cookies:

  • external sources (1)
  • browser settings (2)
  • cookies on our website (3)

(1) cookies from service providers

We use Google Analytics Services to analyze how you use our website. You can learn more about Google's privacy policy here.

For more information about how you can access, manage, or delete information related to your Google account, see “Transparency and Choice.”

We allow these trusted companies that match VDAR to use cookies or similar technologies to provide advertising or research services:

  • our website uses Google Analytics to understand how visitors use website content. If you don't want your browser to use Analytics, you can install the Google Analytics browser add-in. If you want to learn more about Google Analytics and privacy, click here.
  • We use the Google Partners advertising system for direct marketing purposes. This helps us show you the appropriate offers. You can change these settings here. To learn more about Google ads and privacy policy, click here.
  • For direct marketing purposes, we are entitled to use the Facebook advertising platform, which, according to the cookies collected, helps us better identify the customer's needs. To learn more about Facebook's privacy policy by clicking here. You can also click here to change your ad settings on the Facebook platform.
  • We are entitled to use “Hot Jar” to optimize customer experience on the website. To learn more about this privacy policy, click here.

(2) How can you manage cookies?

Most browsers allow users to opt out or delete cookies. The steps may vary depending on the browser and its version. The following information is available on how to block or delete cookies on websites such as Chrome; Firefox; Internet Explorer and Safari.

Please note that deleting or disabling cookies may have an impact on your experience, and you may not be able to take advantage of some of the benefits of our website.

(3) What cookies do we use?

There are four main types of cookies. The following information is provided on how and why we use them:

(1) website functionality cookies: These cookies allow you to browse the website and use available features, such as “Add to Basket.”

(2) website analytics cookies: These cookies allow you to evaluate and analyze how our customers use our website, improve both its functionality and your shopping experience.

(3) Customers preferences cookies: When you browse or shop at;;;;;;;;;;;;; these cookies will remember your preferences so that we can make your shopping experience perfect and tailored to you.

(4) Target or promotional cookies: These cookies are used to show you up-to-date ads. These cookies limit the number of times your ad appears and help us assess the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns.

Under the General Data Protection Regulation and the laws of the Republic of Latvia, you have the right:

(1) access to their personal data, receive information regarding their processing, as well as request a copy of your personal data in electronic format and the right to transfer of these data to another controller (data portability);

(2) require correction of incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete personal data;

(3) Delete personal data (“to be forgotten”), except in cases where the law requires the retention of data;

(4) revoke its prior consent for the processing of personal data;

(5) To restrict the processing of personal data - the right to request that we temporarily suspend all your personal data permanently;

(6) To apply to the State Inspectorate of Data

You can submit a request for the exercise of your rights by filling in the form in the presence of: Ozolu iela 7-26, Pastende, Ģibuļu pag., Talsu nov., LV-3251, or by sending the request electronically, writing to the customer support service email: [email protected]


Third-party websites

We might be working with third parties, usually referred to as service providers, who are authorized to place third-party cookies on our sites or our services, in apps and with your consent. These providers allow us to provide you with a better, faster and safer experience of using your website.

Note that third-party cookies are subject to a third-party privacy policy, so we do not assume any responsibility for these privacy policies.

Children's personal data

The services provided on our site are intended for people over 14 years old. Individual loyalty programmes or competitive conditions may include a different or higher minimum age limit for a participant.

If we have reasonable doubts about the processing of data by a person who has not reached the age mentioned in this paragraph, we will delete such personal data from the databases.


We're likely to change this statement from time to time to reflect on how we process your data.

If we introduce significant changes, we will inform you about it on our website or otherwise, for example by sending an email, so that you can consider changes before further use of our website.