Advertisements on aukcione.com (hereinafter - Aukcione) can be placed both by individuals and companies.


When placing an classified ad or auction in Aukcione, a private person or legal person, (hereinafter - User), shall confirm that he or she agrees with the terms of use, as well as the fact that the personal data and contact information submitted are stored in Aukcione in accordance with the norms of the Law.


Aukcione uses cookie files that are on the user's computer. Aukcione shows ads from third parties, statistics systems that also generate cookie. At any time, User can automatically delete cookies in his or her browser.



Classified ads or auctions in Aukcione may be placed only after registration, using the available tools or by means of authorizations through social networks. Registration is available free of charge.



Forbidden to insert:

- Classified ads, which are in contradiction with the legislation of the Republic of Latvia, regarding trade in drugs, weapons and documents, advertisements of a religious and political nature, discriminatory advertisements of a natural and legal person;
- Classified ads of an erotic or pornographic nature, as well as advertisements for escorts, Internet video services, nightclub shows;
- Classified ads, which are illegal origin, harmful to health, not certified according to EU rules;
- Classified ads, calling for uprisings, extremist measures, pickets and other equivalent measures;
- False classified ads; 
- Classified ads in non-matching categories; 
- Classified ads containing references to other advertising services; 

- Classifieds ads, that repeat with the same text or contain identical indications and are placed in a single User profile. When you insert multiple advertisements, the text for each advertisement must be unique. If the User has more than one item, it must be specified.

Classified ads and auctions that will be placed in Aukcione but not allowed for publication will be deleted without prior notice. The money for publishing such classified ads or auctions, after deleting, shall not be vindicated to the advertising author. If the infringements are repeated, the Aukcione has the right to close User profile.


User has the right to place 4 advertisements or auctions per month for free.

For each subsequent advertisement or auction, the user must pay a publishing fee or purchase a subscription. The advertising fee is EUR 1.00, including VAT. Exceptions:

  • Placing free classified ads and auctions in the categories Found/Lost, Veterinary;
  • For category Financial services, the insertion fee is EUR 5.00.


User can purchase a monthly subscription for the publication of classified ads and auctions, valid for 1 month from the date of purchase of the subscription:

  • Unlimited number of classified ads and auctions – EUR 50.00, including VAT; 
  • Publication of 35 classified ads or auctions - EUR 25.00, including VAT.

Purchase of a subscription is not mandatory for the use of the portal. Subscription payment must be made manually each month in the Profile - Payments section by prepaying for the service. You can cancel the service at any time. The refund of the subscription fee can be applied for within 3 working days from the receipt of the payment. Payment can be made with internet banking or a bank card.


You cannot purchase subscriptions to place advertisements in the following categories:

  • TransportRepair, auto services and technical services; Freight and passenger transport; Rental of transport; Passenger car exchange;
  • Real estateReiltor services; Farm management; Picnic and recreational sites;
  • Home stuffHealth, beauty;
  • StyleSeamstress, atelier services;
  • For childrenChildren's activities; Hobby groups, kindergartens;
  • Animals: Other;
  • WorkVacancies (employees required); Courses, education; Business contacts; Financial services; Internet services; Translations; Legal activities; Looking for a job (job search);
  • ProductionMachines, Production, Orders; Construction, repair; Agriculture; Farm work; Transport and loading; Wood, briquettes, granules; Other;
  • Entertainment,  sportsTickets, concerts; Dating; Record studios; Musicians' services, photographers' services; Music training; Tourism; Other.


The user pays for placement when publishing an classified ad or auction, or in User profile, in the Payments section.



Service quality complaints can be submitted by the user electronically by sending them to the e-mail address: [email protected]


All complaints are handled and answered within 14 days from the date of receipt of the complaint. The reply will be sent to the email address from which the complaint is received.


Complaints are accepted in Latvian or English. If the user has prepared it in another language, the Site reserves the right not to reply to complaints.



The seller shall indicate in the advertisement the way the goods are received.
The purchaser and seller shall agree separately on the exchange of goods and return of goods. The site is not responsible for the arrangements for the exchange and return of goods agreed between the buyer and the seller.



The terms of use of a site may be changed, supplemented, modified without prior notice. The changes take effect from the time they are published on the site.


If the Site is temporarily unavailable, the deadlines for the classified ads and auctions are extended according to the time period during which the classified ads or auctions are not available to the Users.


If complaints are repeatedly received that the buyer makes bids on the item but does not purchase it, the Buyer profile may be blocked for a specified or indefinite period, and the IP address from which the profile is registered may be blocked.